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With MyClickBankAds you can now display ClickBank ads on your site that look just like Google Adwords Ads!

MyClickbankAds is a powerful service that places ClickBank Ads (just like "Google Adsense Ads ") on your site. For FREE!

MyClickbankAds matches products to the text on your pages.

Once you your signed up, you only need to add a few lines of cut-and-paste JavaScript code for ads to appear.

This is "fire-and-forget" advertising at its best.

You don't have to touch any HTML code when new opportunities are added, and you DON'T have to supply any keywords. The whole point is for it to be automatic, tailored for every page...

No more trying to think up keywords...
No more spending hours finding product ads to display on your site...
No more wasting time removing a dead affiliate program, or revise your promotional material... even pairs up your content with your affiliate programs.

MyClickBankAds helps you to:
Point Display ClickBank Contextual Ads (Like Google Adsense)
Point Add action and interest to your site.
Point Bring in more traffic.
Point Save you lots of time.

MyClickBankAds features:

Display Google Adsense Like Ads -Display professional looking ads that match your site with content and colors just like Google and Yahoo. You can use our Contextual Ads or Keyword Targeting Ads.

Intuitive Control Panel - You can customize the links with your affiliate IDs, preview different ad formats, and generate copy-and-paste JavaScript code.

Link Cloaking - The links are done with a PHP redirect, to keep people from stealing your affiliate commissions.

Improved Accuracy Over Time - scripts takes into account not only keyword relevancy, but Clickbank popularity, and the clickthru rate. If certain ads perform better (i.e. are clicked on more than others) they will be shown more frequently, which means more money for you.

11 different ad styles - Towers, skyscrapers, buttons, vertical ads, banners. Choose a format that matches your site best or test different kinds over time.

AdSense-Compatible JavaScript Code - Add your Clickbank Affiliate ID and change the tracker URL, and your Google style and colors remain the same. (Even switch back and forth between ClickSensor and Google Ads)

Quickly Create An Ad Block - Totally customizable color schemes, plus 24 color scheme presets!

XML ads - Syndicate your ads as RSS feeds!

Autolinking - Highlight words in your HTML pages just like the pros.

Get your FREE ClickBank Affiliate ID HERE!

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NOTICE: My Clickbank Ads is NOT an MLM or "Get Rich Quick" program. We do not require people to pay any fees to join and participate in our site. We do not require you to refer anyone to our site to use our service. You will not get rich by using our website. We make no claims or promises that you will make money using our website, either directly or indirectly. We are strictly an ad serving website.

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